As the majority of the population in Bangladesh are Muslims, they should have the opportunity to perform fasting during the month of Ramadan. But the poor Muslims cannot observe Ramadan properly. Many of them have the ability to have both Shari and Iftar following the instruction of Islam. In this regard, Dost Aid Bangladesh society contributed to this religious program by delivering Sahri and Iftar food packs, Sahri food packs, and Eid Gifts for the needy people. But lack of adequate funds, Dost Aid Bangladesh society cannot cover all the poor Muslim communities in Bangladesh.
Ramadan, for many of us, is a few hours of feeling the pangs of hunger, but for many poor Muslims of Bangladesh including children and women, hunger is a daily fact. During the month of Ramadan, through collecting Zakat, Sadaqatul Fitra, or Kafarah, poor Muslim families could be helped by allowing them to observe Ramadan properly.
Please donate during this blessed month; Dost Aid Bangladesh society can support them by giving Sahri and Iftar pack and Eid Gifts.