1. To facilitate the Government of Bangladesh for achievement of universal primary education targets, increase literacy and moral awareness.
2. To improve the health condition of poor and needy people especially women and children both in rural and urban areas.
3. To reduce poverty through capacity building and appropriate livelihood support for the poor men and women.
4. To reduce water-born diseases and child mortality through safe water supply, increasing sanitation & hygiene practices in rural and slum area.
5. To increase disaster awareness and preparedness at the disaster-prone area, reduce suffering of disaster victims and help them to recover normal life with emergency relief and rehabilitation.
6. To provide special assistance to poor and needy to celebrate religious and cultural festivals with pleasure and self-esteem.
7. To provide special assistance to orphans, widows, refugees and destitute section for their self-reliance and empowerment.
8. To contribute to overall development of Bangladesh through achieving the targets of the MDGs.

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